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It has been a great pleasure and privilege for me to be one of the first students of Damiet’s art’s therapy course about finding your inner goddess. Damiet set up a very inviting and beautiful space in a yurt and guided me in a caring and professional way through a 2 day process of painting my inner goddess image.

I was nervous to start with as I am not an artist, but I love colours and painting and felt very drawn to participate. She offered beautiful herb tea and background music to relax me and started with a deep visualisation exercise to help me connect to my inner vision of my Goddess within. From there the canvas became a playful exploration of colours and shapes and layer by layer an image appeared. I was supported from behind giving me full freedom to trust my own vision while receiving specific help and technical advise on how to manifest my inner picture. There were many moments of challenge, but each time Damiet guided me further fowards. And there She arrived and her face developed and became more and more clear and beautiful! Now this beautiful goddess picture is hanging in my home and she smiles at me everyday  in a mysterious way and reminds me of my own inner qualities of grace and wisdom and love.

I thank Damiet from the depth of my heart for this experience and wish many other women a fantastic experience finding their vision and image with Damiet’s help

Mareile Stoppel


" I was privileged to have spent a weekend with Damiet learning the art of painting realistically. When she had asked me what I would view as my challenge or growing edge regarding my painting abilities, I answered that I struggle to paint a face or object in a "real" way and that I had always more experimented with abstract themes. Damiet used a step by step guided process which lead to astonishing results I had never imagined possible. She gave clear instructions, had everything beautifully prepared and answered my questions patiently. I found her really helpful, encouraging me to free myself from preconceived ideas and limitations and to try out new techniques and ways to paint. I was absolutely engaged, fell in love with the woman I was painting and forgot time and space, just loving this creative adventure. I equally enjoyed our talks and meals during our breaks. Damiet had truly amazed me with her whole arrangement of the workshop and her generosity, not only with regards to all the material I could use freely but her time and energy. She was keen and open to receive feedback from me and seemed happy to implement an few ideas we shared which indicated to me that Damiet is willing to grow and learn the art of teaching art!"

A great experience...thanks so much

Nilguen Yalay

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