Diamond Harbour  ART  STUDIO

Sunday 18th July and

Sunday 25th July  2021


5th September and

12th September 2021

9.30 am until 4 pm 

The Art of Allowing is an intuitive process approach where the Artist is playful with paint and movement. By really tuning into the painting and act on the impulses from within, magic happens. The canvas becomes a mirror. There is transformation occurring from an Abstract Landscape to more defined images.

This workshop is a two day workshop for a deeper dive into The Art of Allowing. We will be working on a 20 by 30 inch canvas with acrylic paints and mediums.  This will be an intuitive painting workshop which includes a guided meditation and technical painting instructions. Including how to paint a female face.

No experience necessary.

Costs are 190 dollars for 2 day workshop.  

Limited to 4 people

If you are interested, please contact Damiet and let her know which dates you would like to attend. 
021 2540930