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Diamond Harbour  ART  STUDIO

The weekend of 11 and 12 June 2022

Saturday and Sunday 

9.30 am until 4.30 pm 

Did you know that when you use your anger consciously that this is a superpower from which you can create? Conscious anger tells you, what you really care about, for what you take a stand for, where your boundaries are and what matters to You.  When you use your anger consciously you become a Warrior Woman. 

In this painting workshop we will connect with our superpower. The energy of Anger. We will use this power to create an art work. We will work with a large canvas (24 by 32 Inch) to make the movements that go with this superpower and we will channel this into something that matters to you. 

The art of allowing will allow the anger energy transmute into a creative expression to what matters to you. 

In this two day workshop, on the first day we will explore our old stories about anger and we will explore a new way of being with anger and how this can be a creative force. We will start our painting journey from this point. On the second day we will channel this anger into more form. We will tuning into our paintings to see what wants to come for forward, and work from there. 

By really tuning into the painting and act on the impulses from within, magic happens. The canvas becomes a mirror. There is transformation occurring from an abstract landscape shaped to more defined images.

Costs are 220 dollars for 2 day workshop.  

Limited to 5 people

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