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Tui Treefield, Wainui Bay, Golden Bay

Monday and Tuesday 4-5 December 2023

10 am start, finish 5 pm next day. 

Have you tried to be the best version of yourself? 

It sounds so good, but in reality trying to be the best version of yourself is exhausting  and does not work. It is a constant striving, a pushing of yourself into something that you are not. 

How can you, be you, if you try to be better? Who are you if you don’t push yourself? 

This is a unique opportunity to explore with paints on a canvas what will happen if you let the creative flow move trough you, without an expectation of a certain outcome.

This is a process of deep listening, choosing colours that speak to you, moving your hands, your brushes in a playful dance on the canvas.

Accentuating what wants to come forwards and bringing new layers over the old.

Feeling your feelings to get the information they have for you and then using your feelings as fuel for the next steps.  

You’ll become the source of creation, without knowing how it goes or what the outcome will be. 

This explorative Art of Allowing workshop will be in the Treefield, 264 Mc Shane Road, Wainui Bay.  Costs are $290 

Includes Dinner, Camping, Sauna and Hot tub, Canvas and Art supplies. 

Lunch is potluck. Bring your own breakfast, tent or van. 

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