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Sandcastle, Pohara, Golden Bay

Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24th September 2023

9.30 am until 4.30 pm 

Have you tried to be the best version of yourself? 

It sounds so good, but in reality trying to be the best version of yourself is exhausting  and does not work. It is a constant striving, a pushing of yourself into something that you are not. 

How can you, be authentically you, if you try to be better? Who are you if you don’t push yourself? 

In this two day Art of Allowing Workshop we will explore what will happen if you let the creative flow move trough you, without an expectation of a certain outcome

What happens when you are in front of an empty space, a blank canvas. What comes up?  

This creative process is a mirror or a metaphor for daily life. What happens when you have an empty day ahead? an empty space from which your can create anything? Infinite possibilities. This can be exciting or scary. 

When you are in front of your canvas, there will be feelings, and emotions.  Stories about what art is, or should look like.  Voices that tell you what you can, or cannot do. Fears of not knowing how to start, how to continue or to mess it up.  

This is where the journey will start, from here we will take off, to explore new territory. 

You will practise to be in your own centre and listen to the impulses that come from within. When you are in your centre, you are in sovereignty with yourself. From here you can discern and decide where to listen to. When you can let go of the stories and be present with what is,  you become the space through which your Archetypal lineage can come trough. You become the source of creation, without knowing how it goes or what the outcome will be. 

This explorative Art of Allowing workshop will be in the Sandcastle, 32 Haile Lane, Pohara.

Saturday and Sunday 23-24 September, from 9.30am till 4.30pm 

Costs $220 includes canvas and acrylic paints and mediums. 

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