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I would love to invite you to come and paint with me in a two day Soul Sister Art Workshop.

Let this beautiful process take you on a soul’s journey and experience The Divine Feminine manifesting in your own creation with a  message she has uniquely for you. 

The workshops are infused with sacred love and compassion and follows a ceremonial structure.

Within the experience, you will be guided through the drawing and painting of the female face and you will learn how to listen to your own intuitive knowing and soul expression. 

Two Day Workshops are held in Purau New Zealand and  all materials are


*  24x36 sized canvas quality canvas

* use of paint brushes, easel, and Golden fluids; acrylic paints. 

* Light snacks and drinks are provided. 

It is my aim that you will go home with an artwork that you love and that will remind you how to connect with your feminine essence. 

I offer Soul Sister Art workshops individually and in small groups with a maximum of four participants. 


$ 320 New Zealand dollars for one to one guidance.

$ 220 New Zealand dollars per person in Group participation. 

Phone interview and $50 Deposit required.

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