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An intuitive approach

In 2014 I signed up for my first course in the Art of Allowing approach, with Visionary Artist Flora Aube, and I have followed many of her courses ever since. Flora founded the Art of Allowing Academy to provide a sanctuary for the soul. She believes we are all inherently creative beings that have the power to co-design a harmonious world of cooperation through conscious creativity.

The Art of Allowing approach is playful, a Journey, and a Co-Creation. It’s as the canvas starts to speak in a soft voice. By really tuning into the painting, there will be a transformation from an Abstract Landscape to a Goddess, Priestess or Muse. 

The whole process, as well as what is created on the canvas is a mirror. Sometimes a story, a message, symbols or other creations are asked to be born. It can be beautiful, but it is not always beautiful what arises, sometimes it is dark and ugly. It is not easy to let these parts be present. But I have learned that these are necessary too and can cause the greatest lessons and break through moments. By allowing the shadow, and by giving it a place, the light becomes brighter, as there is no light without darkness. By going through this on the canvas, the synchronicity in life is transformational. The dark and the ugly are transformational. It does not stay there; there is always a portal, a see through. The canvas, the paints, they are so forgiving. It can always change, as we constantly change ourselves. 

Painting in this way is empowering and has become a passion. A passion that I want to share with others because of its transformational process. When I paint Her, it feels that she is taking me by her hand to bring me to the light. My desire is to take you by your hand to show you this way of creating, so She can take over and You can tap into Her wisdom and create your own Goddess, Priestess or Muse.

Ground 1.jpg
ground 3.jpg
She who listens to message of the bird_Fotor.jpg
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